Panorama dalla loc. Pratorotondo (Parco del Beigua)
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The producers marked with this logo have joined the project "Mieli del Parco del Beigua" and comply with the specifications suggested by the Park Authority to guarantee the best quality and originality of the honey varieties produced in Beigua's territory.

Found 5 Producers. Results from no. 1 to n. 5


Mieli del Parco del BeiguaRES MAR Project Amè d'Masun di Ottonello RaffaeleBee-keeping Activities Masone (GE)
Mieli del Parco del BeiguaRES MAR Project Apicoltura Apiario VinazzaBee-keeping Activities Tiglieto (GE)
Mieli del Parco del Beigua   Apicoltura Bozzano FrancescoBee-keeping Activities Genova (GE)
Mieli del Parco del BeiguaRES MAR Project Azienda Agricola La Bottinatrice di Merialdo ElisaBee-keeping Activities Sassello (SV)
Mieli del Parco del BeiguaRES MAR Project Cascina Fornacia di Pastorino AntonellaBee-keeping Activities Campo Ligure (GE)