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ViviBeigua - La Riviera e il Parco del Beigua

Manifestazioni ed eventi nel comprensorio

Welcome to the Riviera and to the Beigua Park: you will find plenty of beautiful things to see and a lot of events to live altogether, day by day!.

Unpolluted environments, breathtaking landscapes and views, a gym in the open air where you can play all the most exciting outdoor sports, ancient traditions, typical products and gastronomical specialties you can taste, fascinating monuments to visit, famous museums, welcoming accommodation facilities.

Download the ViviBeigua newsletter including all the events across the territory: excursions, local festivals, sport events, exhibitions, shows and many other events for everybody's tastes and age.

Read the seasonal tourist brochures to gain all the information you need, and to enjoy a unique territory that has been acknowledge since 2005 as International Geopark and listed in the European Geoparks Network and in the Global Goparks Network supported by UNESCO.

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- PDF Newsletter OCTOBER 2016 (545Kb)
- PDF Newsletter SEPTEMBER 2016 (520Kb)
- PDF Newsletter AUGUST 2016 (954Kb)
- PDF Special from JULY to SEPTEMBER 2016 (840Kb)
- PDF Newsletter JULY 2016 (705Kb)PDF 
- PDF Newsletter JUNE 2016 (569Kb)
- PDF Newsletter MAY 2016 (557Kb)
- PDF Newsletter APRIL 2016 (508Kb)
PDF Newsletter MARCH 2016 (508Kb)
- PDF Newsletter FEBRUARY 2016 (496Kb)
- PDF Newsletter JANUARY 2016 (521Kb)
- PDF Newsletter DECEMBER 2015 (592Kb)
- PDF Newsletter NOVEMBER 2015 (492Kb)
- PDF Newsletter OCTOBER 2015 (631Kb)
- PDF Newsletter SEPTEMBER 2015 (520Kb)
- PDF Newsletter AUGUST 2015 (538Kb)
- PDF Newsletter JULY 2015 (538Kb)
- PDF Newsletter JUNE 2015 (542Kb)
- PDF Newsletter MAY 2015 (536Kb)
- PDF Newsletter APRIL 2015 (515Kb)
- PDF Newsletter MARCH 2015 (515Kb) 
- PDF Newsletter FEBRUARY 2015 (507Kb)
- PDF Newsletter JANUARY 2015 (507Kb)

- PDF Newsletter DECEMBER 2014 (432Kb)
- PDF Newsletter NOVEMBER 2014 (361Kb)
- PDF Newsletter OCTOBER 2014 (405Kb)
- PDF Newsletter SEPTEMBER 2014 (407Kb)
- PDF Newsletter AUGUST 2014 (457Kb)
- PDF Newsletter JULY 2014 (401Kb)
- PDF Newsletter JUNE 2014 (391Kb)
- PDF Newsletter MAY 2014 (367Kb)
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ViviBeigua - La Riviera e il Parco del Beigua