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During the whole spring and the early autumn, Beigua Park is "visited" by thousands of birds of prey; the sight is simply great, just look at the sky with a pair of binocular or a scope. Diurnal birds of prey (as snake eagles, honey buzzards, marsh harriers, black kites) and storks, birds which mainly strike the collective imagination, are abundant and easily recognizable.

Hundreds of birdwatchers meet in the southeastern area of the Park, on the hills of Arenzano, Cogoleto and Varazze, to admire these extraordinary birds passing by, together with a considerable flow of passerines.

The Park and the area recognized as "Beigua Turchino" Special Protection Area are an extraordinary territory to spot many of the most important species of birds living or flying through Italy, a paradise for birdwatching.
The Ornithological Center is located in Arenzano, loc. Vaccà and is dedicated to birds; from here winds the Ornithlogical Trail with boards explaining the local birds.

(foto di PR Beigua)
Migrating Short-toed Eagle
(foto di PR Beigua)
Point of InterestLocation
 Bird of preyLocality of Agueta and CurloArenzano (GE)
  Valley of the Lissolo river - locality of Vaccà and Prato LiseuArenzano (GE)
 common rock thrushGava PassArenzano (GE)
 White-throated dipperHigh slopes of the Cerusa stream's valleyGenova (GE)
 White wagtailDeiva ForestSassello (SV)
 Dartford warblerGargassa ValleyRossiglione (GE)