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Tourist Promotion Activities

Beigua Park Authority organizes many animation and tourist events which are dedicated to both visitors and residents: guided visits and didactic activities for schools aimed at helping to understand the beauties and the peculiarities of Beigua Park, in collaboration with Dafne Viaggi Tour Operator.

Dafne, via San Luca 12/21b - Genova - Ph. +39 010 2473925- - e-mail:

The Park also publishes a monthly tourist newsletter called ViviBeigua, listing the events organized in the Beigua Riviera and Park: hikes, events, festivals and cultural events for everybody.

Tourist information in the province of Savona

Tourist information in the province of Genova

  • Tourist information offices in the Municipality of Genova 
    (tel. 010/5572903 - e-mail:                                                                    
    • IAT office  via Garibaldi, 12r - Genova
    • IAT office C. Colombo Airport - Genova 
    • IAT office Via al Porto Antico, 2 - Genova
  • IAT Arenzano: tel. 010/9127581 - e-mail:
  • IAT Campo Ligure: tel. 010/921055



With the snowshoes across the Park!

Do you love walking and hiking in the mountains?
Do you love enjoying the peace and the muffled silence of the woods in their fascinating water dress after a heavy snowfall?
To make this particular way of visiting the Beigua's territory easier, the Park Authority has organized a snowshoes rental service in some of the accommodation facilities situated in Sassello, Pratorotondo, Alberola and Rossiglione.
In winter you can contact the Park Authority's offices (Ph. +39 010/8590300 - +39 010/8590307 - mobile +39 393/9896251) to ask for information about the snowshoes and ski poles rental service's modalities and rates.
Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to walk with the snowshoes together with other hikers… to discover the Park, its winter landscapes and stealthy inhabitants!

The snowshoes rental service is available in the following places:

  • Le Ghiandaie Bed&Breakfast 
    Loc. Patarina - Rossiglione (GE)

Snowshoes and ski poles available for the rental:

1 day: 5 euro
2 days: 8 euro
3 days: 10 euro
from the 4th day on: 2 euro/day

It is also possible to book hikes with the snowshoes accompanied by the Park's guides, for groups or school groups.
For further information: +39 393/9896251.

Download the PDF form for the snowshoes rental
So, let's wear the snowshoes and leave to discover an extraordinary world!

Hike with the snowshoes
Hike with the snowshoes
Walking with the snowshoes in Pratorotondo
Walking with the snowshoes in Pratorotondo

Useful phone numbers

  • Emergency number: 112
  • Toll-free number of the Forest Fire Prevention Regional Service: 800807047
  • State Forestry Corps:                         
    • Regional Coordination, Center of operations, Via XX Settembre, 28/nero- Genova - Ph. +39 010 5535199 - +39 010 5957780 - +39 010 580429
    • Genoa Provincial Coordination, Viale Brigate Partigiane, 2 - Ph. +39 010 5484570
    • Savona Provincial Coordination, Via Paleocapa, 4/8 - Ph. +39 019 829897
    • Arenzano Headquarters, Via Marconi, 188 - Ph. +39 010 9130015
    • Varazze Headquarters, Via Campomarzio - Pero - Ph. +39 019 991201
    • Campo Ligure Headquarters, Piazza Marconi, 24 - Ph. +39 010 926492
    • Sassello Headquarters, Via Badano - Ph. +39 019 724093

Federazione Italiana Escursionismo (Italian Hiking Federation)
Via Imperiale, 14 - 16149 Genova
Ph. +39 010 3515736 - e-mail:

Club Alpino Italiano Sezione Ligure (Italian Alpine Club, Liguria Section)
Galleria Mazzini, 7/3 - 16121 Genova
Ph. +39 010 592122 - e-mail:

Sportello della Montagna ligure - infopoint
from Tuesday to Friday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm
ph. +39 010.592122 - +39 346.6636001

Walk with the snowshoes in Deiva
Walk with the snowshoes in Deiva