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Heath Honey

PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

The heath honey variety produced in Beigua Park is a monofloral honey obtained from the flowers of Erica arborea or scoparia. Besides the heath pollen, it also includes pollen species characteristic of the territory, like Prunus/Pyrus f.,Fraxinus, Quercus robur gr.,Rhamnus, Castanea, Robinia, Heliantemum, Acer pseudoplatanus gr., Brassica f., Genista, Ilex, Olea f., Sambucus nigra.
Color: dark or very dark amber with orange or red shades in liquid honey; brown with orange shades in crystallized honey
Smell: of intermediate intensity, very characteristic, typical of the flower, caramel-scented
Taste: normally sweet; normally or intensely acid; sometimes slightly bitter.

Heath Honey
Heath Honey